Our Library

Our Library

Books, books and more books! We’re so pleased to say that our goal of 4000 books has been met and our shelves are well stocked! Thanks so much to all of you who have donated books along the way. We’re still happy to accept any and all donations – and a wishlist of already reviewed and recommended books is available if you’re interested. We also have a wishlist of books that we need to complete series and we’d love to have some more of those gaps filled so that we can put complete series on the shelves. Any overstock that we receive of popular titles will be passed along to the teachers for their classroom libraries, so that no good book will go unloved. Our library book collection is still a bit thin on specifically Christian titles, which are harder to find used and more expensive to purchase new, and we do hope to have a fundraiser for this purpose yet, so keep your eyes peeled for more information on that.

We have a Wish List!

For now, the Library Committee is very busy reviewing the books that have been donated or that we have purchased new or used, so that we can decide which of these books are suitable for shelving. We hope to be done the majority of the reviewing by Sept 2016, so that we can focus the remainder of our time on sorting the books, deciding which ones to shelve, cataloging the books on the library cataloging program and preparing the books for shelving. We have a good crew of readers busy reviewing books, but we could use a few more readers who are able to review novels for grade 5-8. If you’re interested, please talk to one of us.

Also, we’re planning out the library space, deciding where to shelve books and how to lay out a library space that is flexible, welcoming and encourages the reading and sharing of books, as well as studying, group work and space for exploring and tinkering. We are working to develop a simple library curriculum to teach students basic library skills like how to care for library books, the parts of book, how the library is organized, the difference between fiction and nonfiction, how to use call numbers to find books, how the Dewey Decimal system works and what it means to read with discernment.

Lots of work continues to happen behind the scenes so that a previewed collection of many different kinds of books is ready for the students to read for learning and for pleasure. Thanks again for the many donations that continue to arrive and for the many willing hands that make this task a pleasure!

And if you are looking for other ways to get involved with the library, please check out our Library Volunteer Opportunities document.